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Eye Floaters Treatment – Eliminate Simple and Simple Solution

Learn the transformation treatment in a simple and natural way. Make the craze, cloud or fog, the moving points or the frustration of the thin lines that move and swim in the field of vision. Follow these wonderful tips to help eliminate those annoying eyes.

Eyeballs are very annoying and annoying, but there are no safe and proven methods to stop the symptoms of glass syneresis or postal glass cleansing. You do not have to worry because it is easy and natural to effectively clear your vision.

What is the eye floating?

Eyeballs are deposited or condensed in the glass body of the eye. There are floating spots or black spots that move your eyes as they move your eyes.

As it grows older, the glass cleaning agent, similar to the gel, is more and more similar to liquid. In this case, the fibers inside the glass glue continually swim in the glass body successively. You see these as floaters, shielding the retina. Diabetic retinopathy, eye trauma, cataract surgery and shortness of breath may further increase the risk.

Below is a vision-transfer treatment that helps to clarify vision

1. step

Heat your hands and rub them, then lightly push your palm to your eyes for about 10 seconds. Repeat this process about 5 times. To do this, gradually eliminate face-to-face every day.

2nd step

Tilt your head to face the ceiling. Look forward and turn around in a counterclockwise direction and move it counterclockwise. Repeat this practice ten times in all directions.

3rd step

Keep a pencil in front of your face along the length of the arm. Look at the pencil and move it slowly until approx. 6 cm from your eye. Continue to focus on the object. Do this relaxing massage 10 times a day to lower the floaters in the face.

4th step

Slowly massage the temples with your thumb circular motion forward and backward. This is 20 times in both directions. Do the same with your forehead on both sides of your eyebrows and the nose.

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