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Eye plays an important role in modern times

Scientific studies have shown over and over again that although the eyes are not necessarily the window of the soul, they play an important role in transmitting the information. Nonverbal communication is a major part of interaction and eye contact is the primary nonverbal method of interest, attention, commitment, and participation.

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is forerunner and decoding of speechless phenomena (whether deliberately or unconsciously) allows individuals to quickly convey information. We do this every day, often without thinking about it – for example, when you set up two fingers when you tell a baristaid how many coffees you want or how you read a body language when you meet the first time with them. These silent information exchanges are present in many of our relationships and often help us to determine the nature of these relationships.

In the final book of Body Language, Alan and Barbara Pease co-authors break down the sensations of nonverbal communication as a percentage; 83% sight, 11% hearing, 3% odor, 2% touch and 1% taste. Perception is a critical basis for nonverbal communication; it must be able to decrypt the gestures and signs of another person. Often, the first encounter or impression can strongly affect another's perception – so the appearance of a person during a primary encounter can have a lasting effect on any relationship of nature. ] A study in Sage found that it took a tenth of a second to make a first impression that would make a quick decision. The study also showed that when participants in the study had more time to make their judgment, they simply became more courageous in their pragmatic judgments. The first impression is the visual decoding of physical attributes and gestures performed within four seconds, which may influence the decoder's behavior towards the individual in the long run.

Most people focus on carefully choosing clothing to have a better impression. While the general presentation of an individual is important, especially the face and the eye where most people seek to collect clues. The eyes as the focal points of the body naturally attract the eyes of the person with whom one communicates.

What your eyes say about you

During the first impression or even later interactions, the area surrounding the eye can in itself produce several things – unfortunately, not always positive. Things like dark circles and eyelids can transmit depletion, energy shortages, and irritability. These are not qualities that you usually want to spare, but those with inherited eyeglasses and / or dark arms may have difficulty in overcoming social barriers with natural methods.

Project Trust and Vitality

cover your eyes with patches of concealer. This can be a boring day job and if it is incorrectly used it is useless. Under the luggage cosmetic novelists are particularly difficult because they shade, which is even more apparent when the surrounding skin is covered with a concealed concealer. However, using dermal fillers, the severity of the eyelids can be reduced.

Subcutaneous eye treatments tend to be injected into the tears and then formed to mask the swelling and insert it better. line with the face. The calcium hydroxapatite-based filler, Radiesse, can be particularly beneficial in both eye bags and dark circles as white opaque calcium particles are suspended in the filler. The results of dermal filler injections can start to take effect in a few moments and allow individuals to notice the difference almost instantly. By ignoring the eyebrows and dark circles, the first impressions can be based on more positive features and reflect a more confident look


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