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Eye Problems and Candida – Causes Candida?

Do you have any eye problems and suspect Candida causes it? My friend has problems with her eyes, she does not see it sharply. She bought new glasses, but the problem was not resolved. A month ago, he was confronted with an eye virus according to your doctor. It is not better than 3 eye medicines. She thinks candida is the cause. That is why my opinion is asking.

Since there was no problem in the past, I would rather share my friend's opinion, who has a similar problem. So there are eye problems, and he's sure candida causes him. What happens, candida affects the absorption of certain nutrients that are needed to nourish the eyes. Interestingly, Ayurvedic medicine teaches that carrots often cure the problems of the colon and know that carrots help the eye. He assumes that the problem of candida begins in the colon, with all kinds of friendly bacteria that the mercury enters into his mouth, and then the regularity of pregnancy and crazy eating habits.

Anyway, his vision is terribly wrong to wear glasses, as he's still a huge thick and ugly with Featherweight lenses. At present, there is only one contact lens because the cornea is irritated in one eye – but you do not know whether this candida is disturbed or not. He noticed the real connection between the consumption of coffee makers and other completely indestructible foods and the lack of eyes and sharpness in his eyes.

He was helped by the multitude of vitamins and foods, though the high sugar content these things are cautious.

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