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Find out what 1.75 reading glasses are for your eyesight

If you did not have the trouble with your vision as long as you could remember, and you suddenly feel uncomfortable reading a text close up, then you know there was a presbyopia. This is a general condition and you do not have to be afraid. There are many, even children. The most important thing to remember now is to go to a doctor and get an eye exam. If not, you can experience what some people call optic-headache.

This headache is completely different from other headaches than one in the migraine. It will be worse when you have to read it and your eyes are just behind it. It's a little easier if you press your eyes, but it does not improve blur. When you try to read, you experience more inconvenience and simply can not read it. If so, then the headache only gets worse. Sometimes these optical headaches are so bad that they are nauseous and can not keep their eyes open. If this does not bring it to the doctor then it's a pure hardness.

When the doctor finally examines eyes and comes to the result, he may encounter +1.75 reading glasses. This simply means that your eyes need to be enlarged to focus on close objects, such as the text in the book you want to read. The optician probably tells you to go out of the exam room and choose the selection from the frames they show, or if you do not have them, they point you to an optical storage that you need. The notary provides OTC reading glasses with +1.75 stamps or labels. This number is the same as the doctor's measurement.

Try the glasses and see how comfortable they are for about thirty minutes before buying. This thirty minutes must be read according to your reading, which you usually read. If you experience an inconvenience during this time, immediately notify the physician who is likely to have another series of tests to find out that this is a faulty lens or your eyes will not respond to the reading glass. If your eyes are picky, you probably need an individual reading glass.

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