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Flowers and allergies

The flowers are beautiful. They disclose the room and do everything that looks nicer and cheerful. For most people, a flowery sketch on the table means that this room is a happy, comfortable place. However, for allergic patients, the frame of flowers is far from being invited – it is a traitor. If you are one of those unlucky people who enjoy fresh flowers but need to consider their effect on their allergies, plastic flowers are not the only option. You just have to know what kind of flowers are dangerous. From the many flowers of flowers that can be bought or bought, many flowers have little or no effect on allergies.

Dangerous flowers for allergic patients

The truth is, if your allergy is particularly severe, most flowers will have a negative impact on you. In general, the more dangerous flowers are those that contain more pollens. So a good guideline when decorating flowers is to avoid those that can be seen as pollen.

One kind of flower, which is particularly bad for allergy sufferers in tree flowers. If you create a flower arrangement, be careful not to put almonds, cherries, oranges or any other tree species into it. Though they are beautiful flowers, these are the most powerful allergies.

Lilies are a dangerous flower for allergic patients because they are part of powdery orange pollens. In a strange way, however, each of them can be a good choice for those suffering from allergies because it simply removes the stems of the pollen from each flower. Only a non-allergic friend or family member does this job because it probably sneezes in two seconds.

Good flowers for allergic patients

There are many varieties of flowers affecting allergy. One of these can be mum and daisies. While regular moms and daisies contain a lot of pollen, a new hybrid type daisy, called a formal pair, has no pollen and will not aggravate allergies. Formed double flowers were grown so that parts of flowers that used to produce pollen produce petals. Take care of regular moms and daisies as they may be very allergic. If you have any doubts, ask for your flowerpots.

Another great selection of allergic sufferers is roses. The roses are one of the finest and most elegant flowers, and fortunately allergy sufferers have little effect on allergies. This is because the pollen is too large to allow air to enter and actually penetrate the respiratory system. If you have any doubt, choose roses with little or no smell – the less smell, the less pollen.

Last but not least, one of the best floral patterns in allergic patients is orchids. Orchids are beautiful and exotic flowers that come with wonderful shapes and colors. Very few types of orchids cause pollen-related allergies and are therefore safe for people who are allergic to most flowers. However, it is important to note that some orchids may cause mild skin rash on sensitive individuals.

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