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Food allergy causes fatigue?

If you are allergic to a particular food, your body will initially respond to an alert and the symptoms are very clear.

There may be headache and migraine, abdominal bloating or convulsions, frequent diarrhea or constipation, eczema or other skin problems, painful joint swelling, unexplained mood swings, depression or anxiety, swollen hands, ankle, rash, sinus congestion, runny nose or persistent fatigue

is the body that works very well to overcome food allergy at the initial time of the reaction and after a short time the symptoms can not be so extreme and even the initial symptoms do not manifest at all (19659004). offensive foods have still been eaten, the body needs to cope with food allergy, and as part of it, adrenal glands produce adrenaline and cortisone to retain the body.

Over time, the adrenal glands are gradually exhausted from the constant effort to cope, which can be exhausted and tired.

Another surprising fact about food allergies is that the sufferer usually feels better when eating offensive foods and if allergy food is eaten on a regular basis, it may even feel a sense of "pleasure".

Unfortunately, this explains that the foods that cause the most damage are usually the ones you want. surprisingly, this food allergy mechanism is the result of lack of energy and fatigue as your bodies are constantly trying to handle all the food that causes anxiety.

As your body runs out of resources to fight and adapt to you, you go into exhaustion because your immune system is damaged and your adrenal gland drops.

Many people visit their physician or healthcare professional at this stage. tiredness, bloating and depression, without understanding that the cause may be food allergy.

It is important to note that food allergy is often ignored or missed during diagnosis when tiredness or exhaustion is questionable. If you are trying to improve your energy even if you have no symptoms of eating allergy, you should consider the chance that food allergy symptoms will remain hidden

If you have a food allergy and you do not realize that you can therefore face bad health and with constant fatigue.

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