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Food for the eyes – 7 secret plants to improve the future of course

As he realized that our vision was the world window. This statement only describes how important our eyes are.

Warning to all sufferers!

What will you do to improve your vision? I bet you're trying to cure your eyes anyway in any way even if you're spending money on a risky operation. But now you can feel relief, because here I want to share with you natural foods for the eyes, which of course can cure your eye problem.

There are 7 secret plants that naturally improve your vision:

Avocado (Persea Americana Gaertn)

A part of the plant we use is a fruit rich in vitamins A, B1 and C. Avocado is good for controlling dry eyes and combating optical nerve damage.

Direction: You can make an avocado juice or eat the fruit as you like

Betel Letter (Chavica Auriculata Friends, Piper Betle Linn)

This leaf is good eye inflammation and eye pain.

Direction: Bake the leaves with a few cups of water for 20 minutes or until the water is 1 glass.

Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia, Citrtus Medica Linn)

Lime is rich in B1 and C vitamins that fit well into blurred eyes and eye pain.

Papaya (Carica Papaya Linn)

Papaya is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene,

Papaya fruit is good for curing myopia or distant eyes and eye strain headaches.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, B1 and C that are good for myopia or distance, short-sightedness and astigmatism.
Direction: Make a papaya juice

tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum Linn).

Carrots are rich in vitamins A, B1 and C which are good for myopia or distance, short-sightedness and astigmatism.

Carrot (Daucus Carota Linn)


The root can cure bad night vision and eye inflammation.

Sesame oil rich in vitamins A, B and C which is good for headache of the eye, blurred eyes.

Sesame oil (Sesamum Indicum L.)

and bad night vision.

Direction: Drink 2 spoon a day to drink sesame oil or mix it with fruit juice.

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