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Four methods to improve vision

first Food habits
As body parts need nutrition, we need the right nutrition for our eyes. I've collected a list of foods that you need to fit into your diet to improve your vision.

(a) You must consume hats, onions and garlic to protect your eye lenses.
b) Antioxidants are very useful when we are talking about improving our vision and the grapes are rich in antioxidants. So the consumption of grapes and certainly has a positive benefit.
(c) The macula is an important part of the eye, so we must protect it. Eggs, carrots and pumpkin are rich in zaexantin and help to protect the macula.
These foods will certainly help improve vision.

2nd Eye Exercises
Exercising the eye area is a great way to loosen your eyes and increase your eyesight. Exercising the eye increases blood supply in the head, which works better with the eye. And finally, it improves your vision. Exercises that I personally like:

a) Your eyes are a bit intimate to make you feel better. Yes it's true. Try it yourself and watch it. Rub both hands to warm it up and put your hands on your eyes. Fully cover your eyes with your hand. After a few minutes his eyes will be calm.
(b) Small solar radiation is an extremely effective way of loosening your eyes. After 25 minutes of work, take a break. Yes, every 25 minutes after approx. Rest your eyes for 2 minutes. At this time, eyes need to be repaired and work better.

3rd Remove eye pressure
It is very important for your eyes to rest. Avoid long working hours and eye pressure. Do not use a computer / laptop for a long time.

Be sure to take care of these things:

a) Take your full sleep, sleeping 8 hours a day. It helps your eyes to repair themselves for the next day, remove all the pressure on them.
b) Avoid long working hours. Instead, try to take a short break at frequent intervals that will ease your eyesight.

4th Protect from External Factors
The eyes are really sensitive to the body. We must protect them from all possible hazards. They require full protection. If it is open, make sure that:

a) wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust and UV rays.
b) In the summer season, wash at least 4-5 times with fresh water to remove the dust inside the eye.

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