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Genital itching – yeast infection or allergy?

The cause of pruritus and burning in the vaginal area is often a fungal infection. However, today, doctors are watching the growth of contact allergies in artificial hygiene products or detergents by artificial fragrances.

These are the main distinguishing features: with symptoms such as itching and burning in an intimate environment, it seems reasonable to think of a yeast infection. But vaginal yeast infection is not always responsible for the diseases. Especially if an antifungal treatment does not show any improvement, the chance of trouble is caused by an allergy. Triggers can be scents and preservatives in the washing lotion, vaginal sprays, toilet paper or pantyliner with which the skin comes in contact. But detergents and latex condoms sometimes trigger an allergic reaction. In such cases, doctors talk about contact allergy. As with other allergies, the body reacts to substances that are actually harmless. However, the immune system identifies them alien and activates special protective cells. As a result, redness and itching of the contact lenses occur. In case of severe reactions the skin may swell, blistering and moisture may occur

. Although the symptoms usually decrease after a few days, contact allergy usually lasts for a lifetime. This condition can be prevented if the patient avoids inducing agents. If these substances are not known, you may use special ointments to alleviate itching and rash if necessary

It is often unavoidable to find contact allergy – problems usually occur three days later with contact with the allergen. If you suspect a certain discomfort with certain hygiene products or detergents, contact your dermatologist. Special Investigations to Determine When and When Contact Allergy Resides and Which Substances Are Responsible

When the triggering factors are detected, the disorder can be prevented by avoiding the proper materials

The vaginal vaginal mucosa that resembles cheese cheese is a vaginal infection. The white crunching lesion is associated with itching and burning, suggesting vaginal yeast infection. This infection is most commonly caused by yeast fungus Candida albicans. This mushroom naturally lives in our gut and can be transferred, among other things, to garments and towels, swimming pools and saunas, and sexual intercourse when the partner is infected.

Women often develop yeast infections when the vaginal flora is lost. This is for example weak immunosuppression, endocrine disorders, diseases such as diabetes, stress or even excessive hygiene, aggressive soaps or deodorant sprays for the genital organs.

Vaginal yeast infection can be treated with an antifungal agent. Most doctors recommend combination preparations that contain vaginal tablets for insertion into the vagina and creams for external use. Traditional products can be bought at the pharmacy. It is very important that you follow the instructions in this leaflet (usually three to six days), even if the disease has already been reduced. Early termination of therapy may lead to re-infection


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