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Getting to know the glasses recipe

Understanding Your Recipes for Your Glasses You have recently looked at your eyes and are ready for some new prescription glasses. You gave me a piece of paper with a few numbers as soon as you left your exams. Do you mean what these numbers mean?

Your glasses recipe consists of lens powers that are needed to get the best possible vision.

The numbers are the same

Your recipe is made up of numbers that need the lens boundaries to correct vision in each eye. A typical eyewear recipe will look something like this:

OD -3.25 -1.25 x 175

OS -4.25 -1.00 x 165

Add +2.25

The eyewear recipe is the first line of the convention for the right eye . Sometimes O.D. Left eye or O.S. the second line of the eyeglass recipe. The first column number is the rounded strength of each eye. The numbers known as diopters usually occur at 25 degrees. At times, 12 steps may occur, but this is rare. The spheres are identified with a plus or minus sign. It is very important to know because the minus (-) power corrects the problem of vision and the plus (+) power corrects the distance. So if your sphere's recipe's strength is a negative number, it's short-sighted and if the gobber is a positive number than your absence. The higher the number, the greater the shortness of sight or the distance.

The second column of the glasses recipe is the cylinder force. If there is a number in this column then it means that there is astigmatism. The same plus and minus conventions as the strength of the sphere apply to the recipe cylinder. There is no number in this column or a sph. or the sphere in the column. In both cases there is no power, so there is no astigmatism. It is possible that astigmatism is between one and the other.

The last column of the recipe is the axis. This indicates the direction or location of the cylinder's performance. If there is no cylinder power in the glasses recipe. than it can not and will not have the number of axes indicated. If you have a cylinder power, it will have an axis. This measurement is between 0 ° C and 180 ° C. Only half of the 360 ​​degree circle is used because the 90 and 270 are the same.

So, if you know the performance and axis of the spherical power cylinder for all eyes, you are short-sighted, distant, or have astigmatism.

Occasionally the medical prescription has prism strength. This usually applies to those who suffer from diplopia (double vision). This can be a fraction or a decimal, for example 1/2 or .75. If you have a prismatic power, you must have a direction or a foundation. It's up, down, or out. The prism is relatively rare.

Multifocus recipes, such as bifocals, trifocal or progressive lenses, are also added. This performance is outside the sphere, the cylinder, and the axis, and is shown in the next row of the virus. Always a positive number, for example +1.25 or +2.25. This is the amount of extra focusing power that allows reading or viewing.

The last number must have a spectacle recipe and a new glasses must be made for the pupillary distance known as the so-called "PD". This is the distance in millimeters, between centers of pupils, for example, in 62. This distance is PD and close to PD than 63/60. Distance PD if you look straight ahead and close to the PD when you're looking for a close look. When it turns out that your eyes are on, the PD in your vicinity will always be smaller than your distance. Each eye can be measured individually. This is called a monocular PD. Depending on symmetry and facial features 31/30 or 31/31.

NOTE: A written eyewear recipe may or may not contain PD measurement.

Make sure your recipe is constantly examining your eyes to ensure the most clear vision. The eyes gradually change over time and may be so gradual that they do not notice it. Routine eye examination also shows the silent field of vision, such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Did you know that you have a legitimate right to receive the eyewear recipe for the eyewear recipe? That's right. Ask for a prescription during the eye test or ask later, this is your right.

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