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Glaucoma – What can we expect on a visual field?

Visual field testing has been performed for several different reasons, but most often for testing or treating glaucoma patients. So what's the test that Eye Doctor is asking for? You can refer to different names; automated perimetry, visual field test, threshold test, SITA (Slang for the Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm) or various other terms. It was called a touch screen touching the original test method, which is black square on the wall. The Goldmann Bowl Perimeter was the following, and its manual version was like the glasses for your glasses. The photosensitivity of the retina (the photosensitive layer on the inside of the eye) resembles the topography map of the relief. The most sensitive point is in the center of the hill's peak, and the farther away from this central field of vision, the less sensitive the fabric's light (like the lower rise in the topographic map). The central climax corresponds to the macula, so the macular degeneration must compromise only a small area to have a devastating effect on sight. The visual field test measures the sensitivity of the eyes to the peripheral parts of the retina. Most eye tests only test the middle tip of the mountain. Visual field testing not only measures peripheral retina, but to some extent the path of the eye's neurons through the brain.

Visual field test for screening or threshold measurements. The screening test is being used by an Optometrist to check the eye's illness and vision problems by a similar method as your general practitioner will perform a single blood pressure test for high blood pressure screening. If your GP has more than one job, you need to have multiple reads and more sophisticated testing methods, sometimes have heart problems to test your heart and blood pressure under different circumstances with a much larger number of data points. Likewise, the visual field examination performed by the eye doctor by a physician is much more detailed testing. As the horizon shrinks with age, the threshold test compares your results with a population-adjusted population pattern that does not include glaucoma and other eye diseases. The eye examination results in a detailed statistical analysis.

In most cases, each eye needs 3-5 minutes. Vision testing is standardized for the eyes, which expands and therefore needs 30-60 minutes to design in the office, even though the visual test itself is rather short. At the actual visual field test, one half is a bowl as the tool itself. If you wear contact lenses, they should be removed. The field of vision field calculates different recipes that compensate for the distance viewed. Prescription lenses should be placed in front of your eyes to replace the contact lenses or glasses. It covers one eye and has to be central in the test. A computer mouse-like device is held in one hand and simply click on it for each moment when you think a small beam will blink in the box. Blinking is very short and close to the point that the eye holds in the field of vision of the spine or is very far away. The brightness of the beam differs from very vague to very visible. Our Eye Center is usually started in the test series mode to familiarize patients with the process.

Many are concerned about your answers; if they clicked too late, they accidentally clicked and were uneasy about the dullness of the photosensitive, just on the edge of visual perception. This can not be anxiety. Visual Field Testing is still sophisticated today, measuring its errors, re-recognizing them, and providing an index that tells us how many versions of your eye exam. If the reliability is too low, we will repeat the test again and almost always find the reliability of the eye test. The modifications made by the software even take into account that there may be cataract or other conditions that are not in the retina or through the brain through the brain. With most visual field tools, you can stop the test with the click. This gives you the opportunity to relax, change your position, or ask a question to clarify what needs to be for respondents. Usually, we begin to show the patients in the presentation mode and pass on the actual test after the patients seem comfortable. First, you can apply for the demonstration period.

In addition to glaucoma, visual field testing may also be used to diagnose pituitary tumors, neurological problems and unexplained visual impairment and headaches.

One last point – if you live in a place like Fort Collins, the Colorado sunshine is very bright after your eyes widened. Be sure to leave it with temporary sunglasses if you do not already have enough sunlight.

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