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The Good News

It's always been good news for the first guy. Well, here it is: If the glassy humor is safely removed from the back of the eye, it will not be stressed and will not dislodge the retina from the back of the eye. So there is no retinal detachment. This is called PVD (rear glass cleanliness).

We can think of the surface between the glass body and the retina-like plastic casing: it insists. If it is removed from its normal position where the retina plate is pushed, it will not break or break at the holes when it starts shrinking. This type of pulling in the ERM or the epi-retinal membrane causes a common condition that can break in the middle of the retina's vision and create a macular hole. I'm sure you realize you do not want a hole in the middle of your vision. It can be monitored with Amsler Grid. The wrinkles that occur when the retina and the glassy surface cause the scar tissue. To understand how this is done mechanically in our eyes, just raise your finger and see how wrinkled it is.

The Bad News

We're in bad news now. That is, if there is a rear glass cleaner (PVD), your eyes will slide down. Generally speaking, eyebrows are much more visible in a light background that contains many contrasts.

The most common glass body thicknesses form the ring on the head of the optic nerve. This is called Weiss's ring. The shape of the ring is caused by the attachment of the rim of the optic nerve. This ring is often visually significant and much larger and compact than the classical floaters. The more classy types of cushions are fibers and indefinite forms. In addition, a typical eye drier can be more frequently moved than the ring-shaped. Generally speaking, a person with a posterior vitreous body poses a higher risk of retinal lesions (RD) – this is because the humor of the glass body has already changed.

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