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Good news for aging eyes – Monovision and Blended Vision

During their lifetime, tiny muscles in our eyes begin to weaken. At the same time, the lens itself becomes stiff and less adjustable. These two developments combine a vision problem known as presbyopia.

When we start reading the glasses when we are 40, we can see it far away. Ultimately, however, it is damaged as the lens remains rigid and the muscles continue to weaken. This is a slow process that is causing me.

What is Monovision?

Usually, two eyes work together, but we learn to separate them, and one eye uses near vision and the other is far away

Like a drummer who learns to play a rhythm on the pedals and another rhythm, a cross-rhythm with the sticks. [100] One hundred years ago, a man who made glasses and turned upside down. He wore them for a week and found that in 3 or 4 days everything seemed normal and could be without any accident. When he took them, he turned each upside down. That's why you had to learn to see it again.

Our human brain is remarkable about what they can learn. Most of us have a dominant eye. In monovision this was set up to look at long distances and set the other eye close to look.

Monovision can do the following:

· Contact Lenses

· Fireproof Operations Like LASIK (Blended Vision)

19659002] Implanted intraocular lens

In any way, the brain learns to see this the new way. There is a compromise as most people who are monovision, visual purity is not perfect, or close to or away from distance. But it's workable, and for some people, especially those who live in an active lifestyle, it's a good solution.

Who is a good candidate?

The eye doctor discusses with you the monovision opportunity to see a good candidate. If certain things play a central role in your way of life, you may not want to be monotone:

· Any activity that requires a very sharp distance

· Any activity that requires a close-up view

· Many Night Drives [19659002] And if you want to get very sharp, monovision would not be a good choice for you.

This is a kind of monovision laser surgery for presbyopia. The non-dominant eye is a little impending, so it can be approached well and the other eye remains distant. Our brains smoothly connect these two information streams, and we are not aware of the fact that we look at each eye differently.

Take a Test Drive

Most ophthalmologists recommend a couple of test contacts to test blended vision before committing any laser surgery. If you find that you can not set it comfortably, you can return to the reading glasses.

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