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Good vision can provide good memory

If you want good memory, you should have good vision. As for many of us, the best way to have good vision is to relax. Emphasis can result in poor vision and poor mental focus. So in this sense, good inner silence and relaxation can help to mention things.

Some of us may not be able to judge our eye. The best way to test our memories is that vision is largely related to memory. The long service life you can remember on an image can tell the eye condition. During the test, one should close or cover an eye, and the other eye will quickly copy a page with some images. Then close our eyes and remember these images in our heads. We have to count the time that we can remember well for these pictures. Take the time. And then come to the other's eyes.

Next, we should try to rest our eyes by closing our eyes and focusing on some nice images. Then we would not think of anything. After a few minutes we have to open our eyes and we must start the test again. Typically, the results in the second round should be better than the first. If there is an opposite result, it means that your eyes have been over-emphasized. And we have to find some ways to loosen them.

Why can we say that the horizon may affect memory? This is because our visions provide the first images of the pictures. The brighter the image the longer the memory is. Even more pleasant events and pictures can help us relax our eyes and make things much clearer.

In order to relax our eyes, some ophthalmologists have recommended very practical ophthalmology. Lying on the bed we close our eyes for the first time. Then just think that some nice pictures happened during the day. More details are better. These nice details help to relax our body and loud sleep is possible. Because strains can cause eye problems and bad memory, good pressure and nice memories can be obtained through pressure suppression.

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