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Honey Allergy Symptoms – How To Treat And Prevent them

Some people are allergic to honey. They can not eat or apply honey to their skin because their immune systems react poorly. Are you the man suffering from honey allergy? Often, these allergic people react poorly to bee pollen, wax, and propolis. They cause mild or severe symptoms depending on the product of bees. Additionally, one may suffer from honey if he cures certain medicines for healing a certain disease. If you react terribly to the substance, you should avoid it completely.

Most Common Symptoms Expected

Many people develop signs of mouth and respiratory system. For example, they have mouth, swollen lips or tongue, sneezing and itching throat after consuming honey. Some people have watery eyes and hives on the skin. Serious signs may include extreme congestion, headache, skin irritation and misty brain. Some of us felt a bit of pain after consuming a significant amount of honey. If this substance is to a large extent affected, their immune systems may be very weak, causing pathogens to cause disease.

How to Get Rid of Honey Allergy Symptoms

Honey affects adults and children differently. In addition, different people have different signs. Treatment therefore depends on the age of the age and the seriousness of the symptoms. Diphenhydramine – a type of antihistamin – is usually used to treat honey allergy. Most of you know Benadryl. This makes it easy to relieve within fifteen minutes, so there is enough time to take a doctor. Of course there are many other antihistamines in drugstores and chemists. The problem is that they help you very slowly. Some take twenty four hours to reduce the signs of honey allergy. The most important thing is to get a doctor if the symptoms persist.

How to prevent honey-induced hypersensitivity

This depends mainly on how bad the reaction to honey is. If mild signs arise, you can still moderately use the honey. On the other hand, if you suffer badly after consuming the bee product, you must completely avoid it. This means that you will not stop eating food including Greek cakes and tea. So you should ask food and beverage vendors if their products are honey. If you can not avoid this natural diet, ask your doctor if you are delicious to drink diphenhydramine before eating honey.

Most commonly reported complications

If you experience too long a doctor or difenohydramine you may experience terrible complications. Good examples include dizziness and fainting, shortness of breath, and even spasms. These are all signs of anaphylactic shock. It is good to know which emergency phone number can be called if you call for the rescue if you suspect that you have the shock.

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