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How do I know I have cataracts?

The cataract clouds the eyepieces. At first, they do not affect your vision at all, but as they grow older, their vision becomes more and more vague – it's as if they are always looking at the matt glass – until they lose their functional vision in the eyes of the person concerned. ).

In addition to the blur of vision, you may notice other symptoms. The cataracts see the sunlight or the lantern light too bright or shining. If the headlights lead at night, there may be another problem, as it may cause even greater glare than before. It may also be apparent that the colors are not as bright as they used to be.

Some find that they are becoming more and more progressive and often choose their goggles. While changing the prescription may first help, eventually, as cataracts grow, stronger eyeglasses or contact lenses no longer improve your vision.

There are many different types of cataracts – and the type of cataract exactly affects the symptoms you experience and how fast they will occur. The most common type of cataracts is called senile cataracts. Almost exclusively developed over the age of 60, though the underlying damage, eventually leading to cataracts, usually begins decades ago. The cataracts of the Senile often began to discolor on the lens. As localized structural damage is increased, vision problems occur.

It is extremely important that cataracts are properly diagnosed with a qualified optometrist. People sometimes disturb the condition called "nuclear sclerosis" with the development of cataract because the lens becomes less translucent due to nuclear sclerosis (hardening of the eyepiece). This gives a gray or gemstone look. Fortunately, nuclear sclerosis generally does not significantly affect people's vision.

It is important to note that cataracts are not cancerous, non-contagious (can not spread from one eye to another) and do not affect other organism structures. eye.

Do not panic after diagnosis. They can be treated and do not cause irreversible blindness. Optometrists can offer surgery – but there is an alternative. Cataract Drops can effectively and gently treat cataract without surgery

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