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How does aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy is a wonderful alternative therapy for balancing physical, mental and emotional energy and for treating minor diseases. Regardless of common cold, flu, viral infection, wound, burn injury, muscle spasms, rash, mental fatigue; Egypt or depression; Our ancestors have prepared the way to reach deer understanding in aromatherapy. Although we are still far from becoming an expert in this empire; we understand that this natural therapy is a powerful, complex and vital form.

Modern medicine seems to treat most of the health problems from the surface and provides a quick cure while ignoring long-term side effects for medicines. As a result, he disrupted the equilibrium order of the whole health system. In contrast, aromatherapy examines Holistic Treatment by treating both the internal and external causes of therapeutic essential oils. When you handle these issues, you slowly re-balance the body and strengthen the immune system to prevent disease and disease.

If we look at the theory of evolution, we can understand that life has come from a single cellular organism that has evolved into several cellular organizations; algae, plants, trees, insects, animals and finally humans. This theory suggests that we are more closely resembled each other than plants, animals and other creatures. Whether it is related to the biological structure or the universal environment, these are the most important elements that help us understand how essential oils and botanical substances affect the human body. It is clearly mentioned that the biological structure of the human body has been designed to metabolize the foods we consume; the liquids they drink; and the air we breathe. Most of the plants, vegetables, herbs and fruits covered in our daily diet contained natural essential oils. For thousands of years, our ancestors have discovered that burning certain forests and aromatic plants offers pleasant or unpleasant smells. However, it causes drowsiness or an inanimate feeling; just as the nutrition of certain raw or cooked plants can be poisonous or medicinal. During this time, our body was accredited for certain herbal substances, which allowed the body to recognize the chemical substances of the plant. During the process, the body learned to convert these molecules into energy while enhancing the immune system to combat various diseases.

Essential oils are by-products of the secondary metabolism of the plant. Each essence has a unique feature of the plant species, environment and season in which it grows. These characteristics also have different chemical properties and aromatic scents. Essential oil components play an important role in insects and animals to make reproductive goals attractive. More importantly, plants produce essential oils to protect themselves from viruses, bacteria, molds, mushrooms and pests. Each volatile oil in one plant provides more than 100 properties or chemical components. Lavender essential oils include, for example, esters, aldehydes, terpenes, phenols, ketones, oxides, alcohols, coumarins, etc. More than 40% of the linalyl acetate of the ester compound is found in lavender. This compound is responsible for sedative, relaxing, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Additional 30-35% of Linalool from lavender terpene alcohol helps to stimulate the immune system and alleviate the discomfort.

For aromatherapy, essential oils are volatile oils that are made up of light molecules. These molecules are lipid soluble, which can easily penetrate into the pores of the skin to penetrate the bloodstream, cell membranes, and body tissues. To some extent the structure of essential oils and biological structures has common features. Both essential oils and human blood contain hormone-like properties that help in aligning the physiological aspects of the human body. Another similarity included the ability to fight infection and regenerate cells. Generally, the healing properties of the essential oils have an immediate effect within minutes and release from the body within hours of depending on the essential oil used. Of course, there are ongoing scientists to gain insight into the unique routes and efficacy of each essential oil. Inhalation and evaporation are common and the most effective methods of aromatherapy, as fragrance may signal the brain to react after molecules of essential oils have penetrated into the odor system. The purpose of aromatherapy is to provide natural aromatherapy therapy by strengthening the immune system to help the self-healing process, which results in balance and harmony in the body.

Primary Aromatherapy Methods:
• Inhalation – Add two or three drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot water and breathe a few minutes into the steam with a towel covered over your head. essences.
• Evaporation – Add clear and therapeutic essential oils to a diffuser or evaporator.
• Bath & Soak – 4-6 drops of pure essential oils 1 ounce of Epsom salt, milk or carrier oil, such as olives or jojoba before adding to the hot bath. This is a wonderful way to relax with an aromatherapy benefit to soothe the skin.
• Massage – 12 – 15 drops of pure essential oil 1 gram of massage oil based and effective therapeutic methods for aromatherapy benefits of oils as well as body detoxification of the lymphatic system and the stimulation of the entire circulatory system.
• Spray – approx. – teaspoonful essential oils (50-75 drops) to 7 ounces of distilled water; mix before wrapping bedding, bedding, towels. Can be used as a room spray for deodorizing and disinfecting air. Shake well before use.

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