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How fast can I wear ophthalmic makeup after cataract surgery?

Cataracts in their early development may cause blurred vision, short-sightedness or color blindness. If you treat it untreated and cataract is covered by the eyepiece, you can become blind and can not recover your vision unless it is exposed to cataract surgery. Generally, cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, ie cataract is treated by an eye surgeon, and cataract extraction is completed within a few minutes. The patient can relax for a few hours at the doctor's office and go home.

There are some things that need to be done to make the operated eye heal faster and heal successfully. It would be necessary to take medicated eye drops, take antibiotics, and periodic medical checkups. On the other hand, there are some people who are asking how quickly women can wear eyes after cataract surgery. The response depends on the condition of the eye after this operation. In general, the eye should be covered with sterile gauze after surgery to prevent dirt and at this time no eye make eye contact should be used. After one or two days the gauze can be removed, but for a week the eye shield must be worn at night for safe protection.

Ask a Doctor

Some doctors agree that eye makeup should only be used, completely cured, even though it does not restrict face-lifting make-up or lips. Also the eye drops to be used regularly should be done with eye make-up. However, women continue to consult with their ophthalmologist before the eyelid is used a few days after cataract surgery because complications may still occur. The doctor's call will not hurt. Your doctor would like to know the ingredients of eye makeup if you have a safe or possibly allergic reaction to the healing eye of the eye.

On the one hand, we know doctors to agree their consent to female patients two weeks after cataract surgery while some doctors advise after a month after a full makeup. The removal of cataracts can be done by two different methods. Whether ultrasonic, in which a small machine "sonically" breaks the cataract material or mechanically breaks the cloud of the cloudy lens up to the completely removed part. Both processes take only 10 to 15 minutes.

Eye-Curing Cataract Surgery

Technically speaking, sonic method called "phacoemulsification" is more than just a mechanical method, but the healing process is much faster. The pruning or the mechanical method is also called so-called "phacofracture", and this technique requires the sewing of the eyepieces after an artificial lens is above the iris. This method is the old method, but cheaper the healing may take longer.

So the question of how quickly women can wear eye samples after eye surgery, after cataract removal, depends on the condition of the eye. If the eye is completely healed, then there is no problem. If not, women should be cautious because eye makeup may contain ingredients that may irritate the eye, and suggest that consultation with a doctor is the best thing women can do before using eye make-up


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