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How fast does cataracts grow?

Cataracts, as some people think it is not tissue culture or a tumor that grows above the lens. In fact, the eyepiece is obscured and develops in general before pupil and iris. This prevents lens clarity and loss and may cause partial or full cloudy vision. In poor condition, it may cause temporary blindness, which can only be remedied through surgery.

There are many causes for the development of cataracts. The rate of progression of cataracts can also vary from each individual. There are some people who develop their cataracts in younger years, while sometimes in their old age. Possible causes of cataracts are the effects of UV radiation, diabetes, the body's immune system, vitamin deficiency and eye disease, such as iritis, glaucoma or eye rabies. If the patient already has cataracts and is regularly exposed to these conditions, progression may be faster. Basically, people over the age of 65 are most prone to cataracts, so cataracts are part of the aging process. Fortunately, only 10 percent of those who need it need ophthalmic surgery to correct vision. Doctors have previously advised their patients to wait for their cataracts to reach the full pre-ophthalmic stage. But with today's technology, doctors can handle cataracts even in the early stages of development. The rate of cataract development is being asked how cataract can evolve rapidly . Some eye experts believe there are cataracts of the type that are rapidly developing and are able to stain the sufferer in such a short period of time, while there are some cataracts that are not developing at all or are ever progressing. later life stage. Otherwise, the progress of cataracts can be affected by the person's health. Like a person having a weak immune system or ophthalmic illness that causes the eyes to cause vulnerable ophthalmic disorders, eye damage may be faster.

Especially people with diabetes or autoimmune diseases such as AIDS or Lupus are the faster the development of cataracts. Cataracts, like other diseases, may also be inherited, although later they may occur. On the other hand, not all cataracts are needed for surgery. In the majority of cases, cataracts only require maintenance, so they did not anticipate surgery, while some doctors advised their patients not to take cataract until they were inconveniencies, vision problems and the risk of their everyday lives. Cataracts should regularly visit their ophthalmologists because their doctors need to know the progress of cataracts. If cataracts grow rapidly, doctors can inform their patients about intensive medical examinations because, as we said, growth and development of gray bladders may be affected by many health problems. Eyeglasses can not help in the prevention of cataracts, only in medical procedures and in the intervention of doctors. The patient may warn you of changing your lifestyle or leaving the resources that contribute to the rapid development of cataract.

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