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How to handle old glasses?

For those who have to wear spectacles to see it clearly, it may be necessary to replace a new glasses for a certain time. They may have higher pre-requisites and do not see the pair clearly, or they've been wearing the old glasses for a long time or maybe even find some glasses. Generally, after a new pair is changed, people throw away the old party. In fact, there are many good ways to handle these old pairs. The following are some ideas to add.

After you get the new glasses, you do not have to cut off the old pair right away. In case of an emergency, leave them. Of course, if your description has changed too much, it will not work. But if the description changes a bit, you can still use them whenever you need them. Imagine if your glasses are broken or stolen, what to do if you do not see your glasses. As you know, you will need more days to set up new glasses. And if you still keep the old party, you can wear them until you get the new party. Therefore, in case of an emergency, do not discard the old glasses if the recipe does not change much or the old glasses may still be useful.

First and foremost, the eyeglasses are not a bit of money. If you still find it, you will not need the old couple, you can donate the old party to charity. Research shows that there are four people out there who can not afford the glasses. Although they need glasses, most of them can not afford a three-month payment or buy a glasses. Want to wear a pair of glasses and see the world clearly? Of course they do not mind if they are secondary. North American researchers have thrown four million old or unused glasses. If you can donate all these glasses to people who need them, how great they are!

In fact, there are many organizations around the globe that collect old glasses and donate them to poor people who need them. Below are the main reference groups: Goodwill Industries, Lions Club drop boxers and Lens Crafters stores. These groups collect all glasses, such as glasses, prescription and non-prescription glasses, sunglasses and so on.

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