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How to improve vision – the cause and the bad eyes healed

Poor vision is simply caused by eye-regulating muscles. Trying to Try & # 39; You see? Did you notice that when you try to see it, the worse it looks like? This is because the eye is sharp.

Eye damage is the cause of poor vision. Any eye doctor tells this.

A normal eye never breaks, never stumbles, always shifts before a strain is formed. Attempt to stare always fails, and training results in poor vision. So if the cause of bad vision is simply STRAIN, then there will be no healing simply by the RELIEVE of the strain? This fact is so sensible that it has been ignored for centuries. If the other muscle of the body is healed by relieving the strain, will it not be the same for the eye?

If your eyes are trained, if you have a bad vision, and if the eye is relaxed, if you have normal vision then the simple cure is to loosen eyes. And here are some techniques for loosening the eyes.

PALMING So far, palletizing is the most effective way to naturally improve your vision. You can do this by placing both hands in front of your eyes, the palm of the palm rest on your cheekbones and the fingers crossing your forehead. It will be like an X, and it will completely cover your eyes so if you go well, you do not see anything, just a little light source on the nose bridge.

You are right, rest your elbows on the table (or place some cushions on the table so that the elbows do not get damaged and make sure your back is ok) and make sure it is relaxed. Sit well, rest your elbows on the table, put your palm (so the palming's name), and then take it for a few minutes. Think of something repeating like a canoe at the stream. See the cliffs, the shore, the sun, etc. Be careful not to deviate from the strange train of thoughts, so that the visual center of the brain is interested in the imagination you are currently thinking. If the mind is interested in thinking, it will be calm. And when the mind is relaxed, vision is normal.

30-minute uninterrupted palm management arouses the dormant features of the visual center to help improve vision. Another palm technique is presented in another article.

Important note: Make sure your hand is convex so that the palm does not touch the closed eyelids. While touching the eyelids, palm intake prevents it, but of course it is not good for the eye.

SUN GAZING No, it does not start for a few days of the day. And it's not as dangerous as people want you to think. So here's what you do is a swinging chair or chair that is slightly oblique, so it's somewhat in the daytime. Sit comfortably until the sun is as strong as it can (no, not in the summer). Close your eyes while standing in front of the sun, feel the warmth in your eyes and be very relaxing.

You do not have to make an effort to face the sun, do not move your neck just to look at the sun, but be calm. Now just for a moment, sunny day (your eyes are completely locked, only if you forget.) And feel the warmth flow through your eyes. As the eyes become loose, the vision will improve.

Important Note: If you're really sensitive to light, do not do this. There was a case of temporary blindness, which is awesome. But when blindness disappeared, vision was normal. These two techniques are just a few of the techniques that you can naturally improve your vision without using glasses. I cover some of the later articles.

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