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How to speak German quickly: 5 smart short cuts for beginners

How long does it take to learn German? This is the first question that every learner wants to know. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a bit like annoying old comments … & # 39; … It changes. There are many factors.

The real question a new German student should ask is that it is … & # 39; What can I do to speak German faster? This is a much better question, and fortunately you can save a lot of time, which helps.

# 1 Short acronym – Learn what you already know

The first acronym is made before the beginning. There is a huge bonus for English speakers right from the get-go … Because German and English both have the same family, there are many similarities. The most important of these is vocabulary. I've heard that 30% of German and English words are the same. I think this estimate is a bit on the top, but the good news is that there are many, many similar words. Open a German dictionary in & quot; a & # 39; and you will notice many similar words. For example … absolute (absolute), abstract (abstract), active (active), Akzent (accent), Album (album), Alcohol (alcohol), allergy (allergy) and Apfel (apple) … and much more . The fact that you already know the German words must give you great confidence in German language learning!

Short Cut # 2 – Get to Know the Alphabet Directly

Make this a top priority from the beginning. Learn about the alphabet and how to pronounce letters and combinations of letters. English speakers have the advantage again, because the alphabet consists of all 26 letters of the English alphabet, though with a few pronunciations. By learning how to pronounce these letters on their own and in common font combinations, you are ready to read and speak the word you have seen. It is a very important step and will not last long.

Abbreviation 3 – Using Integrated Learning Program

Talking is the fastest way to learn a language. This is difficult for the average German student, as there will not be many opportunities to speak with a German speaker. So, you have to use the amazing software that is already available. The "integrated" program allows you to learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation at the same time. You listen to grammars and statements about the use of language, and you will interact with the course in a "listen and repeat" style. Most of these programs split into short, half-hourly lessons that are ideal for regular practice.

Short Cutting # 4 – Memory Tricks

Great vocabulary for vocabulary learning is the use of memory techniques. What you are doing here is basically connecting a German word with a memorable image that is memorable for you. For example, the table is German soy in the Tisch & # 39; This sounds a bit like a fabric, so you can make text on top of a table visible. Humor works well here, so if you see something strange you probably remember it better.

Short Cutting # 5 – Finding Uses

After studying German for a while, this last acronym really accelerates learning. You have to find the use of German in real life. It can be as simple as reading a German newspaper or book or watching a German cartoon or movie. Everything that requires you to use your language skills in a non-structured form is good. It is important that all four language skills are the same – listening, speaking, reading and writing. For writing, you can find a German pen in one of the many online language communities and try to organize a language exchange with a German speaker in your own city for discussion. Of course, study at the German language school and dive into the whole language!

The five techniques should help to face some confusion when starting to learn German. Try them out and see which one suits you best! Good luck and have fun in German!

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