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The nature of ophthalmic surgery has changed drastically in recent years, and iDesign Wavescan Studio is currently one of the most innovative systems in the market. This studio is based on the plans of Abbott's scientists working on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. Now the same technology is used to improve the lens and vision. It uses the same foundation as LASIK surgery, but patients can expect even better and more advanced experience.

The iDesign Wavescan studio can capture more than 1200 microdiscussions. At the same time, you can determine the shape, curvature of the cornea, the passage of light in the eye, and how the pupil's diameter changes in different light conditions. All this is done by scanning for 3 seconds, which is suitable for correcting vision. In fact, he personalizes the entire eye surgery for the patient, since no person with the same eye. This will allow surgeons to give the patient better results at the end of the healing period.

The data detected by iDesign Wavescan Studio can analyze the eye in detail, which no other device could do before it. They have even looked at whether they can improve on people's eyes that have no apparent short-sightedness or presbyopic symptom. These patients have reported that they have more clearly, reduced blindness, and have seen better vision day and night. This studio has improved in many countries and is available in the United States.

Safety Information

Like all of our stuff, iDesign Wavescan Studio is not without any precautions. Criteria and factors need to be considered before choosing this treatment.

  • Indications: iDesign Wavescan Studio is designed for people who want to improve or reduce their accuracy over 18 years of age. These patients had a stable vision for at least one year. Only a professional ophthalmologist can determine whether the patient is fit for this treatment. Contraindications: Do not use this treatment if collagen is a vascular (eg Arthritis), autoimmune (eg Lupus) or immune deficiency. This affects the ability of the body to heal. Avoid even if you are showing signs of pregnancy, corneal disorders, glaucoma, or diabetes. Severe dry eyes can prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of iDesign Wavescan Studio during LASIK surgery. Side effects: Possible side effects may include loss of vision and visual disturbances, light sensitivity and visual fluctuation. Always consult your doctor before choosing LASIK eye surgery .
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