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Improve brain stroke with Ayurveda

Mind / Body medication is about the fact that our overall health depends on every actual factor. The approach also influences our total well-being, which is the level of exposure to our genetic structure, nutrition, working environment and toxins in the air

The integrative approach evaluates the lifestyle, habits, diet, exercise and stress management of humans along with the family history of therapeutic approach when determining. He tries to involve the patient as an active member of the program to maintain eye health.

As a result of inadequate ophthalmic care:

1. Visual impairment (glass requirement)

2. Cataclysm

3. Damaged Retinas

4. Blindness

5. Spraying Irrigation

6. Pink Eyes

7. Boring and Tired Eyes


    1. Malnutrition
    2. Lack of Exercises
    3. Alcohol, coffee, sugar, tobacco, refined foods and hydrogenated oils
    4. Stress
    5. Diabetes


1. Boil 1/2 tsp. the fennel seeds in a cup of water and boil until half decay. Get warm.

2nd Drink plenty of water as constipation adversely affects the eye

. Eat eating foods rich in vitamins C and E and minerals such as sulfur and magnesium. Recommended meals: garlic, onions, beans, spinach, celery, turnips, yellow and orange vegetables, green leafy vegetables, seaweed, apple, orange, tomato, nuts, seeds and soy products

. Avoid alcohol and coffee drinks

. Remove the seeds from the black cardamom shell and mix it with honey with honey. Take a good look at strengthening your vision.

6th The almond is ideal for the eyes; strengthens vision and calm mental stress. Take 1-2 tons. one day with warm milk or sweet orange juice.

7th Treat stress. Meditation, Nature Walking and Yoga Help Stress Relief

8. Practice daily. Eyelids help remove toxins and eye congestion

. Apply herbal bags to our eyes. Green tea has antioxidant properties and eliminates toxins

10. The use of rose water and cucumber gives a cool feeling to the eyes

11. Triphala is an important medicine for the health of the eyes, especially to prevent blurred vision or cataract.

. Elaneer Kumbumbu, Opthacare eye drops, fine eye drops are very good ayurvedic medicines that support the computer-generated strain, and so on.

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