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Practice of eyes helps to improve vision:

1.1 – Practice
First, sit down comfortably. Discover your eyes with your palm. Do not push the eyeballs. Try to relax and watch the darkness for 30 seconds. Allow you to breathe softly and deeply all the time.

1.2 – Practice
Sitting in the same position, look up and hold for 5 seconds. Then let go. Now look down, hold it for 5 seconds. Then release it again. Make 5 repetitions.

1.3 – Practice
Look good now, hold it for 5 seconds and release it. Then look to the left, hold for 5 seconds and loosen your eyes. Make 5 repetitions.

1.4 – Practice
Turn your eyes 5 circles to the left and loosen your eyes. Then turn 5 circles to the right and loosen it.

1.5 – Practice
Look at the tip of the nose. Do not be afraid, look for your eyes. Hold for 3 seconds and rest. Then, look up the ceiling without moving in your mind, hold for 3 seconds and loosen your eyes. Repeat five times.

2 – Foods that improve the eyes Vision:

2.1 – Fish fish twice a week

Two new studies have found that fish-rich nutrition promotes age-related macular degeneration or AMD, leading cause in the elderly. According to one study, 681 elderly American men showed that those who ate twice a week fish, 36% lower the risk of macular degeneration.

Another study that 2335 Australian men and women in five years showed that people who ate fish once a week reduced their risk by 40 percent.

2.2 – Take a multivitamin every day Vitamin A
Vitamin A promotes good vision especially in low light. It may also be necessary for reproduction and breastfeeding. Vitamin C was linked to the prevention of cataracts – a study has shown that 300- 600 mg supplemental vitamin C has reduced risk of cataracts by 70% – late macular degeneration and ophthalmic cancer glaucoma patients.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body tissues from damage caused by unstable substances caused by free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells, tissues and organs. They think they play a role in aging under certain circumstances. Dark Chocolate
– Dark Chocolate – In addition to the benefits of antioxidant, it also boasts dark chocolate flavonoids that are indispensable for a healthy heart. The flavonoids help to protect the blood vessels of the eye so that the cornea and the lens maintain its strength while it is clothed. The strongest chocolate formula is the most effective form of chocolate, so look for chocolate bars that contain at least 60% of cocoa extract for maximum health benefits.
2.4 – Eggs:
– to enjoy them with rotten, boiled or sunny side up, the eggs are a valuable complement to any diet. Egg yolk contains a number of essential nutrients and proteins that can be healthy; In addition to lutein and essential fatty acids, eggs contain B vitamins and zinc which are essential to complete health.

2.5 – leaf green vegetables
leaf green vegetables – you already know it is important every day for your veggies, but spinach, broccoli and cabbage are essential vitamins and minerals for health.

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