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Improving Vision Naturally – 4 Eye Depth Detection Techniques

Interestingly, we play a number of sports games that we play with a viable visual skill to achieve better athletic performance in the field. For example, baseball player Mark Mc.Guire depends on being able to judge the distances precisely and used when an athlete passes a football, basketball or ice hockey disc. We need to navigate our environment when walking and driving a car. In addition, this ability allows us to know where to aim or to find a bullet. This important ability is called eye depth sensing. What is the feeling of depth? Depth Detection is a visual ability that helps determine the proper distance between objects in a field. With this ability it is difficult or impossible to accurately judge the distances between people and objects in all directions. If you are concerned that your depth sensing ability is bad; Here are some depth sensing exercises to improve visual ability:

1. This technique requires two pens or two pencils. Hold the two pens or pencils with each hand horizontally or vertically away from each other. Then stretch your arms wide and close one eye; try to touch the tip of the two pencils. The purpose of this technique is to judge the distance between the two objects

. For this exercise pearls are needed. Take a long, about 15 to 20 feet long thread and connect at least one bead to this string. Attach one end of the thread simply to the doorknob or, if you like, use a piece of scotch or masking tape to attach one end to the wall. Make sure it is at eye level. Hold the other end of the string and return as much as possible for the string to be fully extended. Hold the end of the string at the nose tip. Focus on the first pearl. Did you notice that your eyes formed X on the first bead? If so, it means that depth sensing skills are good. If an image is displayed focusing on the first pearl instead of 3 characters instead of 3, continue focusing on the other beads on the thread until your eyes are able to display the X image. pearl to be injected with the string, and pearls beads down the string. The advantage of this practice is to show how depth sensing can be improved. Further advantages of the technique include the relaxation effects of the eyes and the increasing focus of the eye.

Some additional depth sensing activities that a

this important visual ability:

3. This routine requires his partner, the straw and the tooth. The partner should hold a straw in a horizontal position about 2 meters away from you. By closing one of your eyes, take a tooth and insert it into one end of the straw hole. This practice increases depth sensing. These techniques are regularly exercised four times a week and give them at least 30 days to detect the difference. According to a study by the University of Rochester, video games actually improve people's depth sensation. In the study, a comparison was made of the visual performance of video game enthusiasts who played action games such as racing games and board players. The games were played for a few hours for a month. However, gaming players did not notice their deeper perception; the video game group has seen a 20% improvement in visual skills.

Detecting eye depth gives us important skills that play important roles in sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. They help us in our ability to circumvent our environment when we walk and drive our car. The benefits include increasing the focus of the eye's focus. Finally they contribute to the accurate assessment of distances; key skills are key to improving athletic performance in sport and driving

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