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Introduction to the holes

Nowadays, a wide variety of products is available on the market. No matter what you need, you always find a style that suits you. It wears more and more glasses, there are glasses that people do not know, and punched glass can be one, but it also has a great impact on improving people's vision. If you do not know this glass but want to improve your weak vision, the next introduction to the pinhole glasses will give you some ideas.

First, let's talk about what pinhole glasses are. From the verbatim report, you can guess that there are holes on the glass. Yes, there are small openings that improve people's vision. When people mention "stoptogenic glass", this also means that stopping is a curve word that means small openings. And wonder how they know how these little openings work. Just as the principle that, when we cover our fists, the objects are obviously seen from the small opening of their foci. The couple's hole with glasses passes less light through the hole and reaches our eyes. Thus small openings block the lights from distant areas and it is less easy to enter the student's middle, so people clearly see the objects as the refractive error decreases.

Stapling glasses have the following features: From a functional point of view, eye-catching glasses can improve vision at all distances. Secondly, compared to prescription glasses, the needle punches have a lower price, but are slightly higher than the spectacles. Thirdly, from maintenance point of view, the stapling glasses require little maintenance during full-time work. Another distinctive advantage is the glittering or distortion of the speckle glasses with the needle punches

There are two types of needle hole glasses on the market: one is traditional holes and the other is modern holes. First of all, there are holes in the traditional holes, while humans do not perceive holes with modern holes. Secondly, traditional holes can reduce the amount of ultraviolet light, but modern holes can completely protect people from ultraviolet light. In addition, from a stylish point of view, modern holes are much more popular than sunglasses, making design more appealing.

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