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Is your eye stronger than the other?

What is Strabism? If you become as if one eye is cleaner than another, there is a great risk of Strabism. At that time, you may be able to use the stronger eye more often. As a result, the stronger becomes progressively bad. Meanwhile, because the weaker eye is often not used, the muscle becomes beef and gains good. So you see it unconsciously only with the stronger eyes. The process is vicious and your vision can be severely damaged in the end.

In fact, everyone has more or less the problem of strabismus. The most important thing to do is to find out which eye is weak and to take measures that will balance the visibility of both eyes.

How do you know if you are strabizus? The test is very simple. Cover one eye and look for a fixed object and then replace the other one. Compare the effect of the two eyes when you see it and then determine which eye is weakened.

After you understand the position of the two eyes, you can set the weaker eye to work well in the right position. In a long time you can see your bad eyes with a good eye.

There are many physical ways to improve vision, but persistence is the most important factor for good vision. So always keep your eyes from fatigue. Some simple exercises are listed below and you can choose one or two to do it from time to time.

first Keep a few crossed wands and see one side of the horizontal stick to the other side and then back to the junction. Scroll straight to the top and bottom of the vertical stick. Repeat them seven or eight times. This practice is very good for muscle relaxation.

Take two wands in your hands, one of three inches away from the nose and the other in the arms. Move the far stick to your eyes and listen to it. You can see that the closer rod becomes split. So the same effect is closer. Do the exercises a few times a day and improve your vision.

3rd Some ball games, such as table tennis, are also beneficial for improving vision. If you can move from time to time, muscles are well trained

4. The brain also plays a major role. You can remember or imagine a subject with your brain as if you were looking at it. This reduces the eye. Let's say otherwise, the eyes are protected to some extent

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