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Is your vision blurred? Is it possible that you have a heart attack?

Blurred vision is sometimes seen as a history of heart failure. You can also say you have to visit the optician! If you are worried about a heart attack or stroke, you should know the early warning signs and when you seek medical help. Consciousness and knowledge of cardiovascular diseases and stroke are the first steps to save life and reduce the chances of possible formal disabilities.

Studies have shown that about one third of all heart attacks are fatal and the survival rate is about 50% before medical attention is reached. If you survive, you can cause irreversible or irreparable damage to your heart muscle. Heart attacks have early signs and warnings, and early detection can save your life.

Some Common Warning Symptoms Generally:

Chest discomfort with light headache, fainting, sweating, nausea, or shortness of breath.

Pain from the shoulder, arm, or neck.

Undesirable, clogged, tight or full, usually in the chest for more than two minutes

Pressure, painful or burning in the chest.

Undesirable teeth, jaw, inner arm or back.

Pain is often located in the middle of the chest, usually common and intense.

If signs are present, medical help is needed immediately.

Blurred vision also means that stroke is on the road. Stroke is usually caused by an obstruction in an artery or by a vascular tear. The most common types of stroke are thrombotic. This occurs when oily substances develop on the inner walls of the arteries, narrowing the blood passage. If there is a blood clot in narrow arteries leading to the brain, you can cut blood supply.

The symptoms of stroke are usually difficult speech or speech recognition. The numbness, weakness or paralysis of the face, arms or legs, usually on one side of the body.

The sudden change in vision is a contrast, blurred, blurred vision or decreased vision.

It irritates headaches like migraines, shortness of consciousness or period of reduced consciousness.

Inexplicable dizziness, imbalance may suddenly fall.

So obvious that blurred vision may mean more things, but it is definitely a warning that something is inside the body. Because you have to buy such medical attention right away. Changing the diet is of paramount importance and requires a good exercise program.

Do not hesitate, life is valuable, some decisions are irreversible, do it!

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