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Lavender is an essential oil for rescue

Every time I travel, I always get the "aid kit" of essential oils. One of the most essential oils is lavender. Thinking about home times when I had to use it, I think of a lot of incidents. The most dramatic time in Florida was when my husband checked under his car and the radiator cap exploded in his face and jumped to his forehead. The water was pulled up and the entire upper body burned.

I used undiluted lavender oil, then applied the aloe vera gel that I did with me. I applied levander again until the pain calmed down and given a few aspirin to the shock. Fortunately, we were close to a nearby swimming pool and we got there as soon as possible.

My husband is about. He stayed deep in the pool for twenty minutes. When he came out, there was no sign on his body, except where the radiator cap hit his forehead. Our friends who witnessed it said they were a miracle – they never saw such fires as they were.

When I told this story, a lady told me that the same accident had happened to her husband to spend time in the hospital with third-degree burns. Thanks for the lavender goodness!

Another time saving lavender when my son picked up at vancouver airport said we needed to hurry to get an emergency clinic as a bee. History of violent allergic reactions to bee stings; each became worse. Her hands have swollen twice their normal size, and the swelling has risen quickly on her arm. Fortunately, I wore a medallion with a lavender and instantly pulled it to the bite, pausing the swelling and stopping the rush. We did not go to the clinic. Over the years, I used lavender in people who had bad reactions to insect bites. Almost always helps. It is very good to remove sludge from the mosquito bite.

Lavender is also one of the treatment of headache. Only one drop of rubbing into the temple and another in the back of the neck under the hairpin is usually a trick.

This is just a few of the many uses I found after the lavender during my travels. Now you know why I should not go home!

Joy Watson – Joyessence Aromatherapy Center Inc.

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