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Learn how to control the symptoms of pollen allergy

There are many types of allergies. About 1 person 7 people are allergic to pollen. The pollen is a small, egg-shaped, blooming plant's male. Blooming plants produce these pollens as part of the reproduction process. All kinds of trees, weeds and grasses are used to pollinate the wind. These plants have a hanging structure. This is where the wind catches the pollen. A large amount of pollen is released and air is transmitted to the surface. You can find it in your eyes or you can breathe. Some will be receptive to receptive stigma or female organs.

Some of the symptoms of pollen allergy are nasal congestion, itching, headache, sore throat and difficulty breathing. How much pollen in the air depends on the sun and when the weather is windy and warm. The amount of pollen in the air is called the pollen number for a day.

Pollen grains carry 30 to 40 different proteins on their outer coats. The female parts of the flower belong to these proteins to distinguish the proper penetration. If you inhale the pollen in your eyes or sneeze into your eyes, the proteins are discharged as if they were in a susceptible female stigma.

Generally, the immune system protects foreign proteins. Some people have immune systems that must not be rid of pollen proteins. Instead, there is a process that liberates the chemical called histamine. Histamine causes allergic symptoms.

By mid-October until the end of March, there are usually months when the pollen is in the air. This depends on the region as the plant responds to the climate. The trees blossom when the weather becomes warmer in the spring. The flowering time for each variety lasts for about two weeks, but the highest pollination period lasts only a few days. There are many types of grass and each has its own flowering period anywhere from mid-December to mid-March.

There are some ways to reduce pollen exposure. Pollen clings to clothes, skin and hair. Take a bath or swim and replace your clothes when you're out. In the morning, it's best to stay in the room between 5 am and 10 am. Try again to avoid dry days outdoors or if the wind is strong. Wear a protective mask when working outdoors. Regularly vacuum vacuum cleaner that captures all airborne particles. You can also use a good air purifier to clean the indoor air. Recruitment of herbs such as enchinacea and dandelion is recommended for the treatment of allergic symptoms.

Learn more about plants that cause allergic reactions. It learns to recognize the plants so you can keep it away when they are pollinated. Keep all windows closed during the day and run the air conditioner. Before the Pollution Period begins, and after it's over, you do not have to worry. You can stroll in a forest as well.

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