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Light flashes in the eyes

Do you feel your light in your eyes? Many people experience this condition and are amazed at what may or may be the cause. It may be complicated if you do not understand or cause it. With the light blinking of the eye, you can see eyelashes that are tiny spots, spots, and patches that some call "spider" around the field of vision.

You can be very annoying, or you may feel that something is in front of your eyes or your eyes when there is really nothing physically there. These lights are flashing or floaters in their eyes can be very annoying, but you do not have to worry about them.

These occur when the small pieces of glassy (gel-like) material are broken inside the eye. You see these flashes better when you look at a bright sky or a white computer screen.

Actually, you do not see debris or objects in your eyes, though it looks like it is. You actually see the shadows of the lines that are cast into the retina when the light passes through the eyes. These shadows indicate something floats in your eyes or blinks in your mind.

This is also why, when you try to focus on the swimmer, they never seem to stay in one place. They will move when their eyes move, which seems to move or drift. Usually they are not worried.

However, there are cases when light blinks in his eyes, it is a cause for concern. If you can see the floating and staining spots, sometimes with flashing lights, contact your doctor immediately. This is also important if it occurs after the head or the eye is struck. This may be a sign that the vitreous body moves away from the retina and also indicates that the retina is removed from the eyes, which is very dangerous. A torn retina can lead to changes in vision and vision problems, or even blindness. This should be corrected immediately or the vision is permanently lost.

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