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Liquid Essential Oil

In the Indian and Middle Eastern and African countries, including Oman, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the incense tree grows. The milky white resin becomes orange-brown. tears, & # 39; which is made with fresh, woody, fragrant, fragrant essential oil balm with smoky tones. The pain has been used for centuries in the cleaning ceremonies of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions to remove negativity, and the magicians were a gift to the infant Jesus. This oil, which is used as disinfectant and perfume fixative, is also a component of the incense. Usually soothing, uplifting and rejuvenating.

Healing Effect of This Essential Oil

This oil has been treasured for centuries and burned as the original incense to curb gods, and one of the three gifts of the infant Jesus. Many cultures have been used to treat almost every known disease.

Skin care is one of the best essential oils for skin care, an excellent treatment for dry, sensitive or mature skin that has lost its elasticity. This oil is used to restore skin tone and prevent wrinkles. It also helps to reduce scars and stretch marks. In addition, incense oil helps to treat asthma, bronchitis, cough magic, sinusitis, cold and sore throat. We conducted medical research in 2008 at the University of Connecticut and UC Davis, California, using a solid compound to treat osteoporosis in the knee.

More Healing Effects of This Essential Oil

This is the most valuable essential oil for slow, deep breathing, for easing fear and developing courage and emotional power. It also helps to eliminate sadness, anxiety, nervous tension, stress and nightmares. Frankincense inspires prayer, meditation, and mystical mind states.

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