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List 10 of the brightest essential oils and how they can help you

You can find most of the essential oils in your hometown by looking for natural grocery stores or doing Google search on your computer.

Rosemary: Refreshing and Stimulating

Sandalwood: Used as an Antidepressant and Aphrodisiac

Vetiver: Scales are used for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Jasmine: stimulant or sedative, nervous system, good for insomnia

Ylang Ylang: sedative: aphrodisiac and panic attacks

Various methods for using essential oils:

Evaporation: the simplest way to enjoy essential oils. Add a few drops to a saucer and place it on a radiator or burner.

Massage: Essential oils can be mixed with spinach oil, such as almonds, vegetables or apricot oil, and if you are given or given a massage. Mix 6 drops of essential oil for approx. 3-4 cpa with carrier oil; if the scent is too strong, use more carrier oil. Massages the oil on the body in the stretched area when you use it to relax, rub your habits and neck to smell the scalp and inhale the essential oils and help calm down.

Bathtubs: Only use non-irritating oils for bathing water such as chamomile and lavender without first diluting, others diluting firstly in a carrier oil, adding bath water, adding the oils after bathing, and not while water works differently, most of the water is lost in the steam of the running water.

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