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Many uses of essential oils – Aromatherapy

Essential oils extracted from therapeutic aromatherapy are effective treatments. These natural vegetable oils represent the vitality of the plant. These extracted oils and aromatherapy can be very effective for many alternative therapeutic applications. Many of the common essential oils have medicinal properties that have been used in folk medicine since ancient times and are still widely used today.

Oil is found in small secretory structures in different parts of the plant; leaf (eucalyptus), berry (juniper), grass (palmarosa), flower top (lavender), petals (rose), angelica, fruit growing (orange), resin (incense) and tree (cedar).

The oils are fixed by steam distillation, cold pressed or by an absolute alternative method. After extracts, the oil is a highly concentrated liquid that contains the aroma and its therapeutic properties when it is the source. The best essential oils are just this oil extraction and nothing should be removed or added, especially when used for aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Chemistry is Extremely Complex A complex combination of natural chemicals is one that makes these oils effective in healing; such as eucalyptus oil refreshing and invigorating – it's a very strong antiseptic substance. This combination results in unique therapeutic properties.

Special oils have many healing properties that can be effectively used to preserve the best health and good appearance. These health-enhancing benefits include enhancing the skin's color to stimulate cell regeneration, fight against bacteria, fungi and other infections, and balance emotions. They dissolve harmony, revitalize the system and organs where there is an error or an imbalance. They lift the immune system and are strong enough to attack the disease every day.

Essential oils are absorbed into the body in some ways:

1. When massaged into the skin, the aromatic oils are absorbed into the hair follicles and mixed with the base fat. They then go into the blood stream.
2. When the scent is inhaled, it enters the nose, moves into the lung's lining and quickly absorbs into the blood stream.

Aromatherapy has an almost infinite list of therapeutic uses. Essential oils can be sprayed or rolled on the skin, sprayed into the air, either by themselves or in the air or by candles or air fresheners.

A wide variety of essential oils are available. Look for the organic oil product during the purchase and make sure the product does not add any extra.

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