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Milk Allergy, lactose intolerance and soy allergy

Not all food allergies are the same. Milk and soy allergy are immune disorders. Lactose is a gastrointestinal disorder. Allergies require that allergies be removed. There are great recipes that are dairy and soy-free.

Milk Allergy

Milk allergy is the reaction of the immune system to one or more milk proteins. The immune system incorrectly creates antibodies in the fight against milk proteins. Antibodies in the body create chemicals that can cause skin rash, headache, nausea and wheezing. Lactose intolerance and cow's milk allergy are not the same. One of the most common allergies to children is milk allergy. In some cases, allergy can be allergic to cows' milk, goat, sheep, buffalo and soy milk. Milk-allergy is most common in cow's milk. Milk allergy may occur during the first year of life.

Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a digestive system that is unable to digest lactose. Allergy to milk is the immune system disorder. If you have a lactose intolerance or if you are allergic to milk, we recommend that you limit or, if possible, remove dietary milk products. Consult your doctor for lactose intolerance and milk allergy for professional advice. You can still enjoy your favorite meals, but you have to prepare differently.

Soy Allergy

Soy Allergy is a common food allergy to babies and toddlers. Soybean ingredients are common in processed and manufactured products. Soy is a common ingredient of fast foods, infant formulas, cereals and salad dressings. Soy allergy is an autoimmune disease caused by soybean consumption. Soybeans are legumes. Allergies can range from other snails to the leguminous family. Legumes include dark blue, kidney, chain, black and pinto beans, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), lentils, rhizomes, licorice and peanuts. Soybean allergy and groundnut allergies are common

Foods to Avoid:

– Soybeans
– Salted goods from groundnuts, peanut oil and soy meal (bread, cakes, cakes, confectionery and pastries) and processed cereals containing soybeans [Vegetablesandfruitpreparedwithanyglossywordorsauce
– any vegetable, fruit blend, instant coffee, hot cocoa blends and malted drinks made with soya beans
– lunch and deli (19459004) – soybean and soybean
meat with soy sauce.
– Soybean margarine and substitutes are mainly preservatives.
– Any salad dressing, mayonnaise soybean products
– Heinz® Worcestershire sauce
– Lea & Perrins® sauce

Tags Ingredients containing soybean
– miso
– shoyo sauce
– flavoring
– processed foods
– preservatives
– additives
– vegetable protein (TVP)
19659002] You still enjoy your favorite food but allergic products must be removed. Many commercial products contain additives and / or preservatives, which must also be eliminated. Proposed conservative-free. Enjoy honest food with vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish and nuts. Eat delicious meals with a healthy result.

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