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Miracles of the Human Eye

Ocular medicine is an area of ​​medicine that focuses on eyes, how it works and what's wrong with them. In this field of medicine, they also deal with different cures that affect the eye.

Ophthalmology is a very complex area of ​​human body science since the eyes, the structure of the human eye, how they function and work, and the diseases that they can affect. There are also some of the most important things about how messages come from the eye to the brain, but this is not at the heart of science.

The eye is a very complicated and yet brilliant way of operating such a small organ of the body. The light goes into the outside world and enters everything into the object and enters the cornea, which works as a clean screen to protect the iris and, more importantly, for the learner (the pupil is the middle small part of the iris) and this place where the light goes on. There is a crystalline lens directly behind the iris that helps to focus the light by passing through the glass body and macula of the eyelid after reaching the retina. The retina is a processing center for the eye, and is a very clever part of the human body, and many eye surgery around the retina, as this is the part that converts light beams into electrical impulses that they can send to the brain.

The eye is very well developed, such as changes in iris size, depending on the intensity of the light, and from the eye to the subject that the person is trying to concentrate, as this helps focus light perfectly on the retina.

Ophthalmology is also about eye diseases that may occur, such as cataracts. This is where the eyepieces are cloudy, preventing light from passing through the cornea or the iris, which means that the image perceived by the retina will not be as clear or accurate as it once was. Other diseases of the eye are caused by problems caused by the nerve layer on the back of the eye that give signals to the brain. These conditions include glaucoma (which causes damage to the optic nerve due to overpressure of the eye itself) as well as many other retinal disorders. Another condition that may be the case may be conjunctivitis.

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