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Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses Care Guide

Monthly disposable products are the most widely used contact lenses for the world's 75 million wearers. This is because they are cost effective and are very comfortable with the development of new lens material that can deliver more oxygen to the eye.

We've put together a care guide that helps with the monthly disposable lenses.

This guide has been prepared by our specialists to provide the most advantageous and up-to-date information.

first Wash your hands before touching the lenses. If you can, use a non-spotted soap because scented soap leaves your fingers, which can be transferred to the lens and irritates your eyes.

2nd Shorting the nails and rotating friction edges will reduce the risk of lens or eye scratching.

3rd When inserting the lenses, always make up makeup so that there is no residue in your eyes or contact lenses.

4th Never soak your contact lenses in tap water as they contain bacteria that may lead to eye infections. Instead, specially designed contact lenses should be used.

5th Do not hold the same contact lens solution in the lens storage case and use it for several soaps – the solution should be used once and then discarded.

6th Rinse the container thoroughly with sterile rinsing solution every day.

7th Replace the lens holder every three months.

Since monthly disposable contact lenses are worn for a month before being handled, it is important to take care of them. Failure to do so may cause eye infections, which may cause discomfort, redness, or distortion.
If you have any questions about the care advice given above, please contact your optician for information and advice.

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