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Mosquito Bite Allergy

If you're like most sensitive skin, there may be mosquito-allergy. A mosquito alert allergy will appear like a very red swollen and itchy bump or bush where mosquitos have bitten. The allergic reaction is a reaction to digestive enzymes and anticoagulants administered by the female mosquito before it becomes blood-sucking from their bodies.

Most children and adolescents are likely to be allergic to mosquito repellent than adults who are immune to the saliva of the mosquito. Sometimes, if you have spent a lot of time without barking, you have an allergic reaction when you first feel a little bit again. In addition, the first bite does not affect you, but if repeated repeatedly, the consequent bites begin to trigger an allergic reaction.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from mosquito-allergic allergies, there are some preventive things you can do so that you can not bite like using cracks or nets or wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts at arms and neck. If you have been bitten earlier, local anti-itch creams and lotions can help relieve the itching and aspirin and cold compresses can cool the area.

Mosquito repellent and mesh

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