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Natural Cure for Eye Allergy Relief

Eye allergy occurs even if the immune system is down or the eyes are exposed to a new substance that the system can not control.

In order to make eye allergy relief, you may be considering an unconventional treatment. Not everybody supports medicines and chemicals and uses natural cure, if possible. The best way to treat ophthalmic allergy is, of course, eyewash herbs. The list of the following herbs helps to facilitate eye allergy. Cayenne – this herb should be practiced since the eyewash solution does not require a lot of cayenne to be very effective in relieving eye allergy. In this case, it takes a little long. Cayenne has a great effect on all herbs that have been combined. In addition, cayenne improves the circulation, and this increased blood flow to the eye helps to release toxins, allowing the eyes to be cleaned and a great relief.

Eyebright – this herb is a huge shrinking inflamed tissue, soothing inflammable mucous membranes, and a natural disinfectant. Combined with Cayenne, this herb is great for ease of eye allergy. Red raspberry leaves also shrink from the inflammation of the inflammable tissues, red raspberry leaves are well suited for the relief of the eye, as the versatile herbal ingredients are painkillers. Rowan Berry Herb – This herb has been used for centuries to treat many eye disorders such as night blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, retinopathy and macular degeneration. Bayberry Bark – known by ancient healing properties, the bayberry bark helps to relieve eye allergy through pain reduction, inflammatory tissue shrinkage, and secretion of liquids.

If you have the ingredients, you need to know how to use them. Do not worry, I did.

With the exception of the Cayenne (Part 1/16 or Part 1/8), use 1 cup of boiled plants in 1 cup of boiling water and thoroughly cool through a heavier nylon casing.

Use eyebrows to put a teaspoonful solution into the cup and fold your head forward. Now put the glass cup firmly but well above your eyes so that the liquid does not leak out and then slide your head back while holding the glass on the eye. Open the eyes and blink several times so the liquid can be washed over the eye.

You will feel a slight burning sensation when the cayenne is in contact with the eye. This is normal – it may be uncomfortable for some people, and in that case, slide your head forward and remove the eye; then place a cold, wet wash cloth or paper towel with the eyes closed and hold until the burns disappear.

As it builds its ability to handle firing, this formula provides effective eyewash relief.

Repeat the procedure for the other eye. Do this three or four times a day until you experience persistent relief and maintain the procedure several times a week until the problem has diminished.

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