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Natural Cures With Essential Oils – How To Use Aromatherapy (Part 2)

Essential oils are effective alternative therapies, as discussed in section 1. Essential Oils (EOs) are holistic and capable of treating the entire person, not just the symptoms of the disease. This is one of the differences between natural therapies such as EOs and medicated prescription drugs.

Holistic Essential Oil Healing

Sometimes the cause of the disease is unknown. Foot rash, stomach pain or headache is another symptom of a disease or a hidden cause that is difficult to detect. If he just tries to heal or stop the symptom, he returns when he finds and does not handle the cause.

EO is a mixture of multifunctional compounds that are protected against disease, the environment and predators. For our human body, this means that the compounds can produce many healthy reactions in our cells (multifunctional) by multi-cell binding and directing the cell or body to a healthy state. Plus, essential oils have antioxidant and antiparasitic properties that protect the cell against free radicals, bacteria, viruses, and other parasites and poisonous intruders. Each oil contains several hundred compounds, increasing multifunctional activity. Therefore, essential oils as a holistic cure can simultaneously address multiple conditions simultaneously

For example, using headaches can use essential oils that help alleviate pain. Lavender, a highly functional holistic essential oil, can reduce headaches and migraine-induced inflammation and reduce stress, with certain infections and muscle spasms, with all possible causes of headaches. Lavender is excellent for treating migraines caused by stress. Peppermint is also a good headache and one of the best digestive aids. Both peppermint and lavender have a typical EO anti-virus and antibacterial properties. If headache or migraine occurs due to digestive imbalance, peppermint essential oil will treat the headache and its causes holistically. Combine these two oils and have very powerful holistic headache and migraine remedy.

Use of essential oils

The unique quality of EO is a wide range of application methods. Using the history of skin sensitivity, it is undiluted ("purely") and can be applied directly to the body. Convenient application to the feet is very nourishing and helps alleviate many diseases, stress, fever and other conditions. EOs are usually diluted in a therapeutic plant or fruit oil (called fixed oil) and massaged or rubbed on the need area or on the whole body. Six to ten drops of EO are used in 15 ml or one half oiled fixed oil.

When we inhale the oils, they enter and create a complete sequence of choices through the limbic system of the brain. Here, stress and anxiety disorder, as well as any other emotional and hormonal equilibrium reactions occur. The EO also achieves blood flow through inhalation and helps alleviate physical illnesses that may coincide with emotional imbalance.

EOs can also be added to water, lemon is one of the more common choices. Lemon is a good antiviral, immunomodulating and digestive aid. The lemon slice in the water gives a typical refreshing taste. Some oils are not so pleasant and may need to change their taste and intensity.

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