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Natural Herbs for Allergies – Treatment of Allergies Without Drugs

Modern medicine has made many advances in the treatment of allergic symptoms over the years. Sometimes healing may be worse than the disease. Many decongestants lead to dry mouth and increased blood pressure. Antihistamines tend to be sleepy and terrible.

Are there any natural herbs that help treat allergic symptoms without all the unpleasant side effects? The good news is that we find many natural herbs for allergies that provide relief from the symptoms in a holistic way. Natural herbs that actually help prevent symptoms and do not start treating them. This can be an effective way to treat many seasonal allergies that many people suffer.

I heard about antihistamines, but what are they?

Antihistamines prevent the body from producing histamines. Histamines are a chemical if the antibodies attack foreign matter in the body. In the case of allergic patients, the body has mistakenly identified a benign substance that poses a risk to the body. The immune system has created an antibody that attacks and destroys this threat. Histamines produce allergic symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, and cough, so that when the body is unable to produce so much, its symptoms are reduced.

Herbal Antihistamines

Stinging Nettle – This herb works very well as a natural antihistamin, without the insomnia caused by the use of many available medications. Nettle binding in the form of capsules can be purchased from many natural foods and vitamin stores today.

Butterbur – Another plant antihistamin that is a tougher herb in the United States, but will soon be effective as a natural means of treating allergies.

Quercetin – Another good natural herb for allergy, and has the added benefit of acting as a natural antioxidant that can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Plantain – It has long been used to treat respiratory complaints, including cough and inflammation. It has anti-catarrhal and antispasmodic properties.

Chamomile – According to German studies, it can slow down allergic reactions such as side effects causing asthma attacks; production of cortisone, which reduces pneumonia and facilitates breathing.

Before taking a natural herbal remedy for allergic treatment, seek advice from your allergic doctor before taking any action. Some herbs may have side effects with other herbs. There may also be potentially harmful effects if they are taking other than the counter and prescription drugs.

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