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Natural Solutions for Eye Problems

There are natural solutions for all types of eye problems, from the most complex to the more complex. The right solution will depend on the symptoms you are experiencing. This is a brief glance at some things you can do.

Dryness and itching

Dry eyes are a mild dryness symptom. Basically, you only have to drink more water. Droplets in most pharmacies may make the problem even worse in the long run. Your eyes may cause less tears and lots of drops of medicines that tighten the blood vessels, reducing natural blood flow that nourishes glittering sweat.

Glittering bodies allow lenses below your eyes to be close to you. So dehydration and poor blood circulation can cause poor eyesight and other eye problems.

Itching is a symptom of exposure to allergens, but it is caused by excessive dryness. If you are working indoors, invest in an air purifier. Keep in mind that if you use antihistamines or other allergic drugs, they are dehydrated. Increase your water intake.

Poor vision, blurred vision

Exercising the eyelid muscle at 10 second intervals from moving away from the distance may lead to visual eye problems. In addition, there are special nutritional supplements that are very important for the health of the eye. There are well-designed holistic programs that include exercise, improved food intake, and relaxation techniques throughout the body.

The Bates method was created, for example, in the early 1900s, but has been updated and updated over the years as scientific knowledge has improved. Bates focused primarily on the direction of the muscles surrounding the eyeball and movement. Modern exercises include the strengthening of shiny muscles.


Regenerative medicine for eye problems is reliably a new area of ​​study in the West, but concessions have been used for hundreds of years, primarily in Asian cultures. With electromagnetic treatments, physicians have seen degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

These treatments are still advancing, but if you have a disease, do not give up hope. The answer may be on the corner.

Preventive Measures

Too much close work leads to the short-sighted. When reading or working, in the length of the "arm", visit and remove every 10 minutes. Focus on a remote object for 10 seconds and then return to your work. This protects the ciliary muscle from the stiffening and preserves your vision, preventing eye problems in the future.

And remember, this article is about your information. Always consult a specialist and never treat or diagnose yourself.

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