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Nearsighted Correction – How to Improve Without Lice Lasik

For many, Lasik is a risky and costly procedure. For some patients we charge more than $ 3,000 for a procedure that is not guaranteed to work. This can combine the fact that the long-term effects of Lasik surgery are unknown. How does Lasik surgery affect your vision when it is older? Can you block glaucoma or aggravate the situation? Answers to questions remain a mystery. Essentially, patients who underwent surgery were the test subjects without being recognized.

Ophthalmic exercises help to naturally restore your vision. The idea behind the eye exercises is the same as any other exercise. Laying your eyes, so dumb as it sounds, is a perfect way to strengthen it. Keep in mind your eyes are like a muscle. It needs to be utilized effectively to make it more effective. A simple exercise, which you can do immediately, is "body shaping". Focus on any object having square or rectangular shape. Then follow the sketch of the object for 45 seconds. Notice that your eyes feel better right now. You will almost see the text on the screen, simply do this on your text, right? Imagine that you've been practicing your eyes every day to make them stronger? Of course you can restore your vision and that's the point.

Eye-relaxation techniques can rejuvenate your eyes and achieve the short-term correction goals even faster. Palm trees are probably the most common and effective way to make your eyes feel better. Try to cover your right eye with your hand and exclude the light in your eyes. Do not forget to put pressure on your eyes – just cover it for 20 seconds. Then, take your left eye as well. Do you feel the heat of your hand, rest your eyes? This is what you want to do every day, especially if your eyes are more strained than watching a TV or computer.

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