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Night-time: contact lenses where you can live

Focus Nighttime and daytime soft contact lenses provide the truly extensive wear that you've always dreamed of. For 30 days and nights, you can use the same pair of contacts without worrying about cleaning them or removing them every night or remembering them every morning to insert them. This is the next best thing to have a perfect vision.

Night and Day Lenses have been designed to deliver six times as much oxygen as the average soft contact pair, and Focus has far outstripped the competition as it provided a comfortable lens coverage experience. In addition, they alleviated the issues raised by a number of ophthalmologists on the long-term effects of extended contact on optical health, as this product was opposed to resistance to build-up characteristics typical of contact lenses.

This contact area is a good alternative to those who hate the annoyance of day-to-day objective care but who can not afford the laser-related dangers or do not allow themselves. Even so, not everyone. Some people will see that their eyes are too sensitive to last longer, reducing oxygen contamination with their cornea. Others may find that wearing night-time contacts is a very unpleasant feeling of drought, which usually occurs when it does not slip and lets the eyes out during the evening. And unfortunately, if you need astigmatism correction, you have to find more torsional connections.

Before buying Night and Day connections, the safest challenge is to discuss the options with your optometrist who can look at your ophthalmic history and help you make the right choice for your specific optical needs. And do not forget that if your partner is Night and Sun, then you may need to change the length of time you are wearing to suit your own sensitivity.

While up to 30 days is the maximum recommended use, you may only have a clear, comfortable wear for 20 days. If that is the case, do not be tempted to continue wearing. Your eyes are long-lasting. Do your part by raising your eyes with the due care they deserve.

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