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Over Counter Glasses – Is OK Use or Malicious?

As an optometrist practicing twenty years ago, one of the most common questions asked, "Can I wear glasses or damage my eyes?" The short answer to the question is yes (depending on each recipe); you can use these "drug store" reading glasses without damaging your eyes. However, before you go and buy a pair of these glasses for each drawer and nightstand in the house, you need to know a few things.

First of all, it may be interesting to have a basic understanding of why people develop the need to read glasses first. As people approach the age of 40, they will realize that their upcoming vision is not like a few years ago. In fact, after you step into the forties and move forward in the early 1940s, you can expect it to come close to it, requiring visual inspection (or contact lens). (If you are a forerunner, simply remove your glasses from close up to resolve this blur, but this is a problem with another article).

However, the question remains, why do people need to read glasses up to their forties? This is actually a culmination of a process that begins quite well on the day of birth.

We focus on different distances, and from the distance to proximity, and vice versa, from the crystalline lens. The crystalline lens sits behind our students and can change the shape to focus on different distances. As children and even young adults, this crystalline lens is very flexible, enabling imminent focusing ability.

However, in time, the ability of the crystalline lens to shrink decreases. This is a slow, but quite unchanging change. As this process passes each year, it reaches a threshold of more than 40 years, has given or takes a few years where the ability focuses on an average reading distance of 18 to 20 cm.

As you can see, this process is actually just another aging process. Look at this: Thanks to the process, reading the glasses does not mean you are old; it just means you're "old enough". You may be looking at this somewhat less.

In addition, everyone sees this view, regardless of gender, race, or nationality. So you can be sure that the need for a reading recipe around forty years is not uncommon; in fact this is the norm.

As for the over-the-counter (OTC) or pharmacy, reading glasses, they are free to use them as needed. Keep in mind, however, that people who have a big difference between the two eyes and / or the high level of astigmatism will not be well equipped with these glasses. It is also necessary to consult a specialist in order to help determine which photovoltaic lenses to choose.

Of course, you can simply enter a store and try some distinctions until you find the desired reading distance. This latter choice is not recommended if you skip routine checkups with your eye doctor. Routine eye exams inevitably see vision-threatening conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration (only a few are mentioned).

OTC glasses also often lack optical quality. But this can not damage your eyes. You may feel uncomfortable, even headaches, but it does not cause any damage to your eyes.

So when you reach the "special" time in your life when you need a reading glass, do not be in doubt. You're not old, just "old enough" and you're not alone. Also, you can freely use your OTC glasses, but be sure to continue routine eye exams.

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