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Overview of Acuvue 2 color amplifiers

One of the joyful aspects of relationship behavior is the ability to control genetics and give a whole new look.

Acuvue 2 Color Enhancers has been designed to add a small spark to your eyes while providing the same convenience and ease of use that Acuvue expects. If your eye doctor saw your eyes clearly, these beautiful gems can be safely worn for seven consecutive days. Otherwise, it's good for a full two weeks and just for everyday wear.

Acuvue 2 Enhance Colors: Color Purity

These relationships are available in a range of colors that have dramatic effects or just increases the natural beauty of your eye color. This series comes in three colors: Ocean Blue, Aquamarine and Emerald Green. It's great for them, because they do not wear any pattern, they give the wearer a very natural look.

Changing or improving the color of your eyes is a personal choice, but now you know you know you do not sacrifice comfort, UV protection, or health. If you feel like an adventurer and are interested in some other attempt, these are just the lenses for you. Since these lenses are not transparent, they are most suitable for people with light eyes.

One thing that many wearers do not know are that these lenses are available to patients if they need visual correction or not. As its name implies, it was exactly the same as it was made of the same material as the Acuvue 2 lenses, unless the additional flexibility of color pigments is affected by changing the color of the eye.

Even the level of oxygen that allows the eye the same. So you get the same extraordinary comfort as during the day, but with the elasticity of the color.

One of the common questions asked by wearers on these lenses is the lack of 1-2-3 for Acuvue 2 non-colored lenses. Clinical trials have shown that people were not in trouble handling the lenses – in fact, by leaving the mark, it allows the optimal color content of the lens without compromising the lens.

They are asking about the new color contacts, asking themselves about the pigment and contacting the eyes. No need to worry – the pigment is fully embedded in the lens and will not come into contact with any part of your eye.

Consumers expect these contacts to come from etafilcon A and Class 2 UV blockers. It is important to protect the eyes for too much UV radiation, just as protecting the skin.

Acuvue 2 COLORS The amplifiers are as durable and lightweight as the usual Acuvue 2 contacts.

Diameter: 14.0

BC: 8.7 and 8.3

Power Range: -9.00 to +6.00

Material: Etafilcon A. 42%

Water Content: 58%

Thickness: 0.084

Packing: 30 Lenses per Box

Bulk Offers: 6 Months (4 Boxes) and 12 Months (8 Boxes)

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