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Patient liver Qi – the cause of many eye problems

Is there a blockage in the liver qi?

Hate in our health can often be traced back to the disruption of the liver's blood and qi. Qi is a vital energy or vital force that circulates in all our bodies. When Qi is stuck by negative emotions, trauma, cold or parasites, the result is a snowball effect in the body. Other organs based on the smooth flow of qi liver, such as the heart, lungs, stomach and spleen, will suffer and their function will be reduced.

Liver function is to store blood; coordinate emotions and guide the rising, decreasing, and harmony of bodily Qi. In particular, the eyes, tonsils, and nails depend on feeding the blood of the liver. In these areas, artificial discontinuous signs indicate that something is not in the liver. The numbness caused by insufficient liver is dryness of the eyes, floats, blurred vision and night blindness. The liver and the eye are closely related. In fact, they say that the eyes are the liver's outer opening.

As mentioned earlier, negative emotions can damage the qiet. The most damaging emotion of the liver is anger. When anger causes injury to qi, the result is self-sustaining. Due to hepatic failure, the liver causes more anger. Therefore, it is probably fair to say that an angry man grabbed the qi liver. I know someone who said she was so angry that she was blind. This would be the case because anger prevented qi liver from stopping his blood into his eyes. Furthermore, when qi is blocked in the liver, the liver warms up like a compost collection. This causes many problems, as toxic heat from the liver rises upwards. When the liver qi is stagnating, heat is generated that rises towards the eye. The rising liver effect is red eye, swollen eye, conjunctivitis, dizziness, headache, anger, depression, neck and shoulder pain, and insomnia. The wind is causing the qi liver, and an acupuncturist often sees the problems caused by a wind attack after a windy day. Once there was a patient with severe pain on the right side of the back. Ten phases of physiotherapy could not alleviate the pain. He told me that pain was the day he was playing golf on a very windy day. I treated the liver with acupuncture and when he returned the next week, he said that pain had disappeared immediately after treatment.

Right shoulders and back pain often caused by liver failure. Therefore, massage only provides short-term relief, since the liver needs to heal the treatment directly. The above are just some of the ways in which the imbalances in the body can be traced back to the qi's disharmony of the liver.

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