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Peanut allergies can be fatal

Peanut allergy may be deadly for many people, but many people do not realize how often these nuts are used in food supply without being aware of the risk.

  • People with allergies know that some of the allergic reactions are:

    • anxiety in the throat
    • breathing difficulty
    • stomach pain
    • diarrhea
    • vomiting

    You do not necessarily experience this and , which may be from mild to life-threatening. Your reaction can only be limited to peanuts or other legumes and to different types of nuts.

    Peanut allergy can occur in all age groups, and children are more likely to live with this problem than ever before.

    Your allergic reaction may be caused by beans, peas, almonds, cashews, pecans, legumes and walnut families.

    It is very rare for a person to leave hazelnut allergies, even though people often believe they are or can. The original diagnosis may be defective, which means that the problem never existed. In true peanut allergy, the body's immune system sees the mother as a dangerous object and mobilizes protection to overcome it. It can not be noticed, but peanut and other nuts are a widely used food product that often and in many places appears in places where many people never expect them. can be found.

    Italian pesto called Pesto is made from crushed nuts, the hazy problem of peanut butter is that salads use different nuts, and various Asian dishes and sauces contain nuts all over the world. Trail mix, some half mixes, granola bars breakfast cereals, sweets and some salty snacks are off limits.

    Some potatoes in chopped peanut oil, which means that this delicious snack can attack your hazelnut allergy .

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