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PEMF therapy is beneficial for the treatment of ocular conditions

There are many who are concerned about ocular treatments due to conditions such as burns of hyphema, glaucoma, and cornea. Most of these conditions require extensive treatment, including surgical interventions, to improve it. There are many people experiencing these conditions that have expressed concern about the treatment provided by the physician and can benefit from PEMF therapy.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) uses electrical power to provide magnetic pulses to promote tiny electrical signals to stimulate cellular repair through injured tissue

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Management has proven results for glaucoma. In such a study, the effect of latent, initial and advanced glaucoma on hemodynamics consisted of 7 minutes of treatments, totaling ten sections. More than 283 eyes have been observed in more than 150 patients, showing positive results and increased blood flow, demonstrating PEMF eye therapy is effective for glaucoma.

In another low-frequency PEMF treatment study, corneal alkaline burn injuries are a positive result of healing and therapeutic outcomes. Participants in the study were 56 rabbits, divided into four categorized groups. A group of ELF 2 groups, which was therapy for thirty minutes, had an intensity of 2 mT twice daily. Another group, the ELF 5 group, received a 30-minute treatment with a 5mT intensity twice daily. Medical therapy (MT) and controls completed the categories. The study was a 14-day study in which corneal examination and digital images were initially performed on days 2, 7 and 14. After the study was completed, rabbits were euthanized and histopathology was the affected eyes. Clinical and histopathological results were compared in all four groups. The results showed that the treatment of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields showed a significantly lower error than in the MT group and less keratocyte loss. Thus, it is proved that this non-invasive treatment is an extremely effective method for alkaline burns of corneas for healing and healing purposes.

Another study was performed using rabbit models that had a well-defined hyphema to evaluate the effects of PEMF therapy. The study contained sixteen eyes, divided into two groups, postoperative with 10mT and 20mT after 4 days for sixty minutes. The test also includes a control group containing only hyphema and hyphema without PEMF irradiation. The resorption rate was registered every day and the histopathological evaluation was also performed in the study. The 10 mT group decreases endothelial cell damage and reduces fibrotic blood clots. Although the resorption time did not differ significantly in one of the groups, there was no evidence that PEMF eye therapy had a positive effect on severe adverse reactions and, when used as adjunctive therapy, ophthalmic trauma and inflammation are effective.

PEMF eye therapy is a proven, safe, non-invasive and effective ophthalmic treatment. People who want an alternative to traditional treatments are alternatives


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